Closing The Circle for Now

Dear erotic and mesmerizing friends,

I am reporting, with regret, that I will be stepping away from The Princess Circle of erotic orgasm control for the foreseeable future.  The Circle has been a wild ride of sensual control that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I am grateful to the many members who have yielded control of their orgasms to me, and who have dutifully performed my range of challenges–from erotic to red hot and difficult.  Your obedience and devotion to the difficult task of holding back have been an inspiration to me as I wrote and recorded file after file in the Circle series.  I loved reading your emails and the many clever reports on challenges you endured and were successful in achieving.

I will still maintain my Princess Circe website which has a number of files, free and premium, for people to enjoy.  Each file represents hours of careful composition, creativity, and production.  I want you to enjoy them.  For those interested in ongoing orgasm control, I recommend the Circle files alone (in my Premium Files section), or in conjunction with control via Strict Mistress or another dominant via



Midsummer Sweat

It’s midsummer, hot and sticky.  Slow and languid.  Is it this way for you too?  Do you find that summer is a time when you’re motivated to pledge yourself to new endeavors and areas of discipline?  Or is summer a time to take it easy, loosen your belt (for one of various reasons) and just feel the passage of time move across your skin like warm water?  Feel the sun on your skin and luxuriate in it?  Dream of being owned.

I love being outdoors.  I love the sun.  I love feeling the heat on my arms and legs, sipping a cool drink and feeling a bead of water run slowly down the side of the glass, drop onto my throat, to my chest, and meander between my breasts.  I love being attended to and served.  I peer over my sunglasses at the person delivering said cool drink on a tray, poolside.  Beneath my broad-brimmed hat, I give him a glance of appreciation as he places the glass at my table.  And then I stretch my legs.

It’s glorious to lounge around wearing next to nothing. You feel intensely connected to your body and your desires.  Each yearning is pitched high.  Every want is blatant, flat out in the open.  You cannot hide the heat of what you want, not when you’re stretched out, the sunlight full on your skin.  It’s hot.  It’s a perfect time to let your mind wander into the deep, sensuous realm of hypnosis.  It’s a wonderful season to pledge devotion; to be controlled.



Which new files shall I record?

Dear friends in trance,

I am going to create some additional free files for my Devotional Training Series.  The series has been extremely successful with weekly downloads.  I have appreciated your emails about the series and the impact it has had on helping you cultivate devotion and obedience.  That is my intent.

For the next series, I am weighing different kinds of devotional or disciplinary tasks to include.  Some have requested files on strict regulation of habits (such as spending, eating, sexual or self-gratification).  Some have requested more ritual-focused files, such as the kneeling files.

If you have a preference or desire, email me at and let me know….


Want to Read More Erotic Writing of Mine?

Click here: A Host’s Ordeal

I love summer.  It’s such a wonderful long season of relaxation.  The heat of the long slow days causes you to move at a lazy pace.  Nothing rushes.  Nothing moves in a hurry.  You might as well pour yourself a tall glass of something cold and sweet; put a few ice cubes in it. Sit back and set your mind to the most sexy, hot, wild fantasies you can.  Close your eyes. Hold that sweaty glass up against your forehead and let the cool drips slide down.

My goal for this summer is to produce one new Circle file each month, and to begin the second set of files in my Devotional Training Series.  I love writing and recording erotic hypnosis files.  And I so enjoy writing other erotic tales as well.  In fact, I invite you to follow this link to a long romp of a story which I co-authored with a dear friend.  In this story, I am “Princess Eva,” and used this pen name for the story.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think:  A Host’s Ordeal


The Holy Grail of Electric Play

Dear Trance Lovers,

I have been away from my site the past weeks, as I’ve been helping with the launch of a spectacular new product, Centipede 416.  This amazing device offers state of the art electro-stimulation play.  For those of you whose eStim experiences have been limited to a tens unit or power box, grab yourself a cup of something tasty and pull up a chair.

Over two years in design, the Centipede 416 is different from other eStim products on the market because it is controlled via TCP/IP over either WIFI or wired connections, and powered by a Linux computer, which provides unique features not available on other devices.

How does this work?  The Centipede 416 creates a hotspot (WIFI) to which you connect using a tablet, smart phone, or laptop computer.  Once connected, you can use the browser on your device to control all of Centipede’s features.  See the graphic interface below.  This is what I see when I connect to Centipede 416 on my tablet (I use an Amazon Kindle Fire).

Another feature that makes Centipede 416 a rocking hell of a ride is its pods.  In addition to the 4 channels on the box itself, Centipede pods (small, add-on boxes) extend the eStim experience either by adding more outputs or outputs of different kinds.  So for example, you can have stimulation on the nipples, a plug, and balls all at once. Or add in a “viby” pod to power a vibrator strapped to another sensitive body part. The system can accommodate up to 13 pods–or all told, a maximum of 30 channels. (Imagine me rubbing my hands together in delightful glee.)  And, these outputs can be used on several victims–I mean people–at once.   And I have to say, the quality of the sensation is smooth and intense.  Not stingy or ragged.

There is a jukebox for music-driven play, relay pods….Oh the options are endless.  I’m just scratching the surface.  To learn more, go to  The product is being sold exclusively by Current Pleasures.

The Pleasures of Tease and Denial

To be perfectly frank, I have never met a man who did not enjoy teasing.  Oh, some have more tolerance for it than others; some crave it; some loathe it but can’t resist it, just as a ruined orgasm is either hated or loved.  I am tease and denial’s #1 fan.  It’s a powerful way to enforce submission.  You are in such control of that cock when the release is one slick stroke away.  Bringing it closer and closer to the edge of orgasm…and then letting go.  Doing this over again, and over, and over again until the mind seems to swirl with dark and light, you are one pure, vibrating stream of desire, and you feel absolutely helpless.  You are completely focused- every inch of your being- on me.  You are focused on my hand, my expression.  Teasing builds endurance and submission.  It cultivates devotion.  And I recommend a healthy diet of it.  This is why I’ve decided to create an erotic hypnosis tease and denial endurance file.  Lick your lips and wait for it.

A Report on The Princess Circle Valentine’s Day Challenges

For Valentine’s Day, I ordered members of my Orgasm Control Circle to design a devotional challenge.  Something that would be sexually arousing, whether by pleasure or erotic torment, and then to undergo their challenge…and to report to me.  Of course, it should go without saying that none of these challenges could result in an immediate orgasm.  All Circle members must earn permission for an orgasm, request it, and be granted.

Princess was supremely pleased with the challenges her boys designed.  In total, they are like a box of kinky chocolates, each one a different shape and flavor.  It was the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve received in a very long time.  So, I wanted to reward my Circle members and entice readers by sharing a sampling of the delectable treats I received.

A number of members incorporated teasing into their challenges.  One person slicked up his hands with warmed lube and stroked himself for five-minute intervals, stopping to replenish with warm oil.  He did this for 6 intervals, or a total of 30 minutes.

One member began his challenge with warm-up ball slapping then applied a ball crusher, tightening it every two minutes.  He did this challenge in a kneeling position.

I appreciated the ingenious use to which one member put a KTB chastity device.  He wore the spiky devil while arousing, or tormenting himself, in a number of ways:  using a plug, caning himself, teasing himself to erection (not easy in a KTB), then calming and repeating.

The parachute–with or without spikes–was used by several people as a way of suspending weighted items from the balls.  One member used  a pail with 140 oz.s of water, filled with 14 ozs. of additional water, every two minutes.  He did not report the total volume achieved, but I’d sure like to see a photo of that pail!

With the spiked parachute, another member attached over 2 lbs. of weights.  He wore the parachute and weights for an hour.

One member employed a favorite challenge of mine, which is to stroke himself to full erection using his opposite hand.

Several members incorporated multiple days of challenges with locking up.  They would unlock, tease or torment, and then lock right back up until the next day.

In all cases, Circle Members reported their challenges directly to me.  Reading these devotional, creative emails gave me great pleasure.

I honor your suffering.  I honor your devotion.  I honor your obedience.


The Princess Circle Orgasm Control Files

Trance lovers, if you are in need of tight, focused control of your orgasms, read on: Princess Circe has created a special series of five files for those who crave strict control and who want Princess to be in charge of their orgasms, providing intense restrictions, encouragement, and eventual release.

Oh, and back to the KTB.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am working on a very special devotional  item.  This will take a few weeks to produce, but meanwhile, I decided to re-post this entry from last spring:

Sometimes we all need a bit of assistance, especially when the task at hand is bitterly trying.  I have enjoyed reading emails sent in response to my devotional training. (I understand, in fact, that some of you want even more rigorous challenges).  I’m also following the progress of several KTB wearers who are aiming for progressively longer periods of cock incarceration.  It isn’t easy.  But here’s where Hypnosis can come in handy.

I’ve created a new premium file expressly to assist KTB wearers.  After a sensuous induction, I provide instruction and hypnotic reinforcement for intense chastity wear.  Cultivating a sense of humble discipline takes time and patience.  It’s so much easier to take the bit when there’s a crop hovering over you.  Or, failing that, when you have a strict Princess on your side. The file will give you support in this way.  It will help you stay focused on your reasons for enduring discomfort.  And…always the dark angel, I also provide a post-hypnotic suggestion to help you manage those troublesome erections. 

Here’s something else: if you’ve already purchased a KTB, send me a verification photo of yourself locked up to:, and I will reply with a discount code you can use to purchase the file.

Now…back at it.


Feminine Endeavors

pink-natureI enjoy receiving emails and comments from people who visit this site and listen to my files.  I adore being appreciated and obeyed. What distinguishes my approach to erotic hypnosis is my insistence upon being ethical and compassionate.  I extend this to everything I do–domination, hypnosis, my communications and interactions.  I am a passionate advocate for sexuality–a person’s right to explore and enjoy what feels authentic and hot.  Among the men who have participated in my Princess Circle orgasm control files and challenges, there are a good number who identified themselves as enjoying or craving female erotic experiences too.  Whether this be feeling feminine in some way, wearing an item of clothing, or taking pleasure from things we traditionally call ‘female.’  Our sexuality is not static, not fixed.  There are female and male aspects to our personalities and desires…though who gets to define this anyway?  Who has the power to draw the line, to make judgments or assumptions when you know very well what makes you feel good.  Or what would make you feel good.  This is what I mean about being a passionate advocate for sexuality.

One way I contribute to supporting this belief is through creating erotic hypnosis files.  My files provide erotic pleasure, instruction, discipline, and the freedom to imagine what’s hot, exciting, satisfying for you.  So, the newest file on my site is an introductory file to a series I am calling Feminine by Desire. I wrote it in response to communications I’ve had with some of you.  It’s a ‘newbie’ file, for someone new to entertaining and embracing feminine qualities; but also for those new to erotic hypnosis.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.  The more I hear from you, and the better my files respond to your needs…and the more I can keep doing this.standing-mirror


~Princess Circe

The Paradox of Control

galaxy2The power of control is unmistakable.  You know it, feel it, crave it.  You want to be controlled, or perhaps to control.  Yet this power is also mysterious, evanescent.  It’s a form of energy in constant motion and as such has no fixed shape.  What do I mean?  Well, control requires an interaction of opposing forces.  I control; you submit.  I choose to be in charge; you agree to yield.  One requires the other.  Each validates the other.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about one rare form of control–yielding pleasure.  If you allow me to give orders or issue commands, the interaction is one of order and obey.  However, if I order you to abstain from pleasure, obedience takes on many forms.  Your experience of denial goes through stages.  At first, perhaps there is the rush of being ordered.  But then, as you come to terms with your denial, you may feel discomfort, yearning, even pain.  Carrying around your denial like some sort of burden slung around your neck will weigh you down and feel a hardship.  You’re waiting to be released.  You can barely stand another hour until you are finally rewarded. This is no fun at all.

Unless you re-frame the denial.  Stop fighting it and own it.  And this is where–forgive me, boys–I think being a woman is so helpful.  Women learn early on that the best way to move through difficulties is not to fight them.  All of the energy you expend tightly pushing back against the unpleasantness is energy wasted.  Pushing back, fighting isn’t going to help.  But if you relax into that burden, relax into the difficult challenge, you are likely to discover that suffering mysteriously transforms into strength.  The exertion of your challenge is a banner of honor.  Your obedience is a gift.  The grace with which you undertake and embrace challenges helps define qualities within you.

Hypnosis is one way to facilitate such a transition.  I find that by relaxing and opening the mind, one finds greater access to change–an enhanced ability to undertake and succeed at challenges.  A richer and deeper capacity to embrace one’s deepest desires.  The one being controlled transforms his obedience into such a beautiful shining gift.

This is one of the lovely paradoxes that draws me to erotic hypnosis and the mysterious play of forces it inspires.