New KTB–Not for the Faint of Heart (but would you have it any other way?)

For those of  my readers who enjoy chastity play–and seek intensive experiences–I have some very good news!  A friend of mine is the designer of the first commercially-available KTB.  This was a very popular metal device–a spiky little devil one is instructed to wear for training or punishment. After years of research, he has found a way to offer an improved, very light weight  KTB via 3-D printing.  And it’s available for purchase here, or the signature version here! Now, before I go any further, let’s take a look at these delicious vixens:

Signature KTB

Original KTB

Down-right Medieval looking, isn’t it?  I love it. And I admire the boys who wear it for me. The KTB has inward-facing points–not sharp enough to penetrate the skin, but very effective at discouraging even partial erection…let alone any willful attempts at stimulation. You can see why it’s a ideal training device. The KTB can be locked on with either a supplied locking pin together with a serial-numbered plastic tag,or using an inserted lock. You can read more details about the device in my friend’s post.

Princess Circe has a special circle for those of you who enjoy both erotic hypnosis and chastity. Wearing a KTB as a form of devotion is noble because it’s difficult. But it is hard to endure discipline without a strict disciplinarian, isn’t it? I am in the process of creating a few new, free files on devotion and on training with a punishing device like the KTB. If you wish to try a KTB and join my special circle, you may email me at: and let me know.

~Yours in trance,

UPDATE!  I have created an hypnosis file for KTB wearers. See the Premium File Page for details.


We spend so much time fighting to stay on top.  Worth and value are so often measured by how much control we have over a situation.  If it’s time we’re fighting, did we ‘beat the clock,’ meet our ‘dead’line, adhere to the strict parameters of a due date?  If the matter is a product or assignment, a goal or challenge to be met…do we measure ourselves by how well we mastered or bested each thing?  Of course we do. And it can be so exhausting, that struggle to be on top all the time.  Even if we are naturally very good at it. We seem so very good at control.

I’d like to suggest, though, that we’re good at control because underneath the appearance of being on top, there is a person—perhaps you—who must struggle hard to keep that foothold, and it’s exhausting. You can be so harshly self-critical. You’re so hard on yourself. After all, if you eased up, chances are you might not meet the deadline or make it to the top tier.  And then what?  Your advantage might start to slip away. You might find yourself vulnerable to the control of another.

It goes like this:  little spaces open up.  Maybe it’s fatigue or having too much on your mind, but you neglect something (as you are bound to do), an important meeting you forgot to jot down; not correcting an error you noticed early on; letting your frustration show by accident.  And that something, that flaw has a consequence—maybe large, maybe small.  It is an open space that lets the air in. You are no longer the exemplar of Take Charge.  You are not super-human, and really you have no choice but to accept this fact.

If you’re fortunate, chances are someone like me will be there, reaching for those open spaces where the air and the light come in.  Wanting to stretch you open, and to deepen that space until you are filled, surrounded by me.  You are enclosed within the tight unambiguous walls of my control. You can fight, but it’s so good to feel the tightness of the ropes, or the bonds or the walls.  It’s a relief to be told what to do for a change.  To let me make decisions. It’s heavenly to yield that power to me.  For the rewards of surrender are feeling so intensely controlled, so free to relax in obedience.  The rewards of surrender and obedience will give you intense pleasure.


If at First You Don’t Succeed….

Greetings, trance lovers,

I attended a party last night for several of us with May birthdays–three ladies and one of my male friends who wears chastity.  We had a little fun with him.  After suitable birthday spankings, we decided to provide him with the ride of a lifetime using an amazing e-Stim system that drives both electric pulses and vibration. Having worn a new (gorgeous) chastity device for several weeks, my friend had been unable to achieve an orgasm, despite sincere attempts and the vigorous attentions of his Lady.  So it didn’t take much prodding to get him up on the table to be strapped down and wired.  We applied stimulation to his cock and balls, then to his nipples, carefully selecting from a variety of wave forms to achieve the hottest results.  The coup de grace was an egg vibrator, which we strapped to his shaft.  Such an intense vibration packed in a condensed little silver bullet.  We selected a “ramp” setting on the control box and let him build and writhe toward attempted orgasm for the next…oh, forth-five minutes.  His brain was busy processing  the pulsing and stroking sensations to his nipples and cock, so the added vibration really put him on overload.  With each interval, the vibration would ramp higher and higher, until he could focus on nothing but his jerking hips. He’d hit a peak moment when we were all sure he’d cum this time.  When, zap!  The ramp dropped to zero and the pulsing stopped cold.  You should have heard him groan.  But only for a minute, and the cycle would begin again.

Did I mention he was strapped down?  Well, it proved necessary given the amount of thrashing my friend did.  We’d applied leather mittens to his hands, which we buckled down; then straps to his thighs and ankles. It was an intensely pleasurable evening for all of us, even if my friend never succeeded in climaxing.