When I was younger, my cousin and I played puppy every chance we could get.  He was the puppy, and I was the owner.  We would make kennels out of corners gated with ladderback chairs for the bars.  In he would go, with a dish of water, and if he was very well behaved, a cookie.  Over weeks and then months, our play evolved to include rituals we both loved.  We had a collar which had once belonged to the family’s standard poodle Clovis, emperor of the heart, irreplaceable pet.  It was a red velvet collar bordered with black leather and a gold buckle.  It looked majestic on my cousin’s neck.

First, I would sit on a chair and he’d crawl to my feet.  I would ask him whether he had behaved well since we last met, and he was to nod yes, or simply look down at his knees if the answer was no.  Let’s say it was yes, well behaved–I would then slowly and with gentle care place the collar around his neck as a reward.  I would fasten it slowly, let him feel the magical transformation I could see happening inside him. His heart lifted, his mind expanded, his body relaxed into the role.  I petted his hair, lovingly, my puppy.

Next came the leash and the walking exercises.  I taught him to heel, to sit up, perfectly still for lengths of time, to beg.  And when I stopped walking all of a sudden, he learned to freeze on a dime, so that his paw never dared touch the back of my foot.  Sometimes discipline was called for, and he would be put in the kennel, not allowed to move, only to consider his misdeeds.

I lost touch with my cousin years ago, but I think of that puppy play, how it filled us. I think about that golden moment when I’d collar him, and we would sit like that very still.  How I would talk to him for a long time this way.  How he listened and adored me.  Time slowed, liquid, sensual, exactly the way it was supposed to be.  This was my first experience of putting someone in trance.



Tied Up

hands chained

Chief among my many fetishes is bondage.  I love rope.  I love rope.  I also love leather, straps, jackets, hoods, chains, and…mmm…latex. I look wonderful in latex, and being a bit of an exhibitionist, I take advantage of opportunities to wear it.

You can switch out the rope for straps or buckles; put on a collar and leash, a ball gag, pump gag.  But the key element to any scene is mental bondage.  Mind control. You know what I mean,  the inexpressible joy of being tied to someone, bound to her, controlled. Told what you will do, and what you won’t.  Your hands tied at the wrists, or better yet, behind your back as you lie flat on  your stomach; legs roped and cinched at the ankles, calves, above the knees.  Maybe you’re gagged, maybe hooded.  More rope now around your waist. She pulls the lead rope from your ankles up, high up, tightly, to the loop at the back of your hood.  Suddenly, you find you are hog tied. And you don’t know how long you’ll be left there, made to endure.   You are totally at her mercy, her pleasure. You are her possession.  You are her toy.  And this is what you want, I know.  There is nobility in such endurance in yielding to the bonds, relaxing into the fact that you cannot escape.

What if you haven’t an opportunity to play with rope, be tied by a mistress or a master?  What if you crave the feeling of being held tight, or tethered to someone, or simply told not to move–for a while.  Well, there are virtual ropes.  Invisible ropes, tied in tight elegant knots within your own mind. Your mind as it is controlled in erotic hypnotism.  Stay tuned.  I have a lot more to say about that.

Hypnotism and Orgasm Control

Key and puzzle lockAn interested and horny reader wrote with a very good question.  Can hypnotism be used to delay orgasm, prevent orgasm…or even to keep someone from having an erection?

Hypnotism can help your achieve a great many goals. It can relax your mind, unlock your imagination, and make you feel sensations you’re dying to experience.  Hypnotism can also be used to cultivate obedience, worship, or self-discipline.  Yes, it can help you achieve the goal of delaying sexual gratification.  If your mind is open to suggestion, if you want to listen to my words and follow my instructions, I can lead you to self-discipline.  And for boys who seek greater obedience and worship, who want their orgasms controlled, I can provide rules and permissions.

You can listen to the free files I have posted on this site.  Find a quiet, relaxing place where you can listen undisturbed.  Hear what I say, listen to my words; let the intonation of my voice surround your mind and your body in a velvet cloak of relaxation.  If my voice appeals, if you find yourself going into trance and would like me to help you achieve your goals, write me a polite email.  Let me know what you are interested in achieving through hypnosis, and as I create new files in the weeks to come, I will consider your request.


The Value of Strict Discipline

Some of you may be drawn to the allure of a strict mistress, but not quite understand why.  We have positive associations with the concept of discipline.  In fact, we regard self-discipline as a key virtue.  To live a disciplined life is–by most standards–to live a worthwhile and productive life.  Color within the lines.  Never miss a deadline. That’s all good, but virtue can be overrated.

What I mean is that too much self-imposed discipline is No Fun.  Isn’t that true?  What’s the great pleasure in a well-lived life if you’re just doing it for yourself?  To check off the next item on your list? Abstain from that tasty morsel, keep your hands out of your pants for…your own good?

Too much of this can make you feel about as sexy as a glass of vinegar.

Yet you still crave that feeling of being tightly controlled.  There’s something deeply hot, thirst quenching, sexually energizing about obeying someone else’s rules and regulations.  Someone you can admire and serve.  If she’s strict, all the better.  If she’s ethical, grab on.  If she has a velvety voice and you want to be lulled into relaxed, satisfied, strict obedience, well…here you are.  Welcome.