Allow me…


I’ve had a wonderful response to my file “Bound in Circe’s ropes,” and in reply, yes, I will do more files on the bondage theme.  Right now I am working on a new file which has to do with enduring difficult training.  Ah, yes…another of my favorite themes.

Bondage has long been a fetish of mine.  In fact, I’ve met many people over the years who say their introduction to more exotic adventures was that first time being tied up.  Oh, you know…that evening when she removes the bathrobe sash, or he re-purposes his neck tie. Perhaps there’s some fear at first, until that stone cold rush is transformed into exhilaration, the excitement of surrendering to the person who wants to control you. And there is something so deeply, sensually satisfying about not having a choice.  About letting go.  Because in truth, this is what you want, don’t you? –the freedom to set aside the veneer.  Well, I am happy to assist.  Follow me, and listen to me.  Allow yourself to sink gently, deeply into my control.

Bad Boy

The newly-designed KTB is causing a bit of a stir.  I’ve had numerous high-pitched emails from those of you newly in possession of one.  Just looking at it, with those sharp fine spikes.  One curious writer whose device had just arrived,  remarked that the KTB is a lot smaller than he anticipated (Why am I smiling?) But it is light-weight, and you may rest assured that you’ll not be setting off metal detectors when you go through airports or municipal buildings.  In other words, it’s such a bad ass device.  No one will know that beneath that cool, composed exterior; beneath your businessman pants there is indeed a very persistent, nasty little secret demanding your full attention.  Discomfort of any kind is a gift to me, or whomever you are wearing chastity for.  I want to know exactly what the new KTB feels like.  I want to know your experiences, down to the nitty gritty.  You may send a polite email to  And if you’d like to learn more about the KTB, here is the link.


Invisible, Sexual, Rope

Hello, trance lovers,

Thank you for your enthusiastic emails of encouragement.  I’m so glad you are enjoying my new website.  And therefore…I am happy to reward my listeners with a new free file, “Bound in Circe’s Ropes.”  Come and enjoy a long, slow, relaxing induction.  And when you are deeply in trance,  I will invite you to experience the pleasures of sensual bondage as I tie you in my virtual ropes and coax you into an even deeper state of erotic hypnosis, and obedience.

What is it that makes bondage so hot?  For me, it’s the transition between being in control and accepting, with each new rope added or knot tied, the progressive state of yielding.  First you have full determination of your wrists and ankles, your arms.  You can move your fingers or legs as you wish…yet little by little you must give up the notion that you get to decide how you’ll turn your hand, or place your foot, and when.  Perhaps the deliciously sexual thrill is knowing that the person tying you in bondage is doing so in order to take charge.  Of you.  And once you are restricted, who knows what manner of salacious deeds might take place?  Why don’t you download the file and check it out?

~Circe                                                                                                                                                                     k6501871