Notes from a KTB Victim…I mean, Wearer.

I have been very pleased by the emails I am getting from my KTB wearers.  Here are a few tasty morsels from a recent email by someone who purchased a signature KTB:

“Lessons learned thus far. One: Do not get excited prior to or during installation. It took three tries and an ice cold wash cloth to tame things. Two: Do not get excited wearing it. This sounds easier said than done.

Oh, the points! The picture on the Shapeways website doesn’t do it justice. Or, perhaps it was intentional. The picture shows nice rounded stubs. In reality they only exist at the edges. Inside there are sharp points, or from your point of view, perhaps they are lovely. Amazingly, the device does not penetrate the skin, only reminds you there are SHARP POINTS SURROUNDING A VERY SENSITIVE AREA.

If you ever create a hypnosis tape expressly for the KTB, do not–I repeat, do not–do it in a sultry voice. That would be cruel and unusual torture.–martin

Training On Saturday…and Sunday

Update:  I plan to upload the Saturday and Sunday training files this coming weekend.  Thank you to all devoted trainees who have written me.

I am very happy with the emails I’m receiving on my devotional training series. It pleases me to know that the files are being put to good use.  I like cultivating discipline and devotion.  So in response, I will be creating two additional training files, for a sixth and seventh day.  This will allow you to round out your training to an even seven days–though I plan to make the weekend tasks quite a bit more challenging.  Stay tuned….