Something a Horny Boy Needs

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It can be difficult in these dog days of summer to push yourself to up your game.  This is true for those of you who wear devices (or frankly, should).  I am aware of a number of boys who’d like to increase their challenge level–but find a traditional KTB too daunting.  Or, you may enjoy the demands of a KTB but find it impossible to manage for long periods of time.  Princess understands.  So in the spirit of earnest training, I am offering a modified, or milder KTB.  This new version has slightly less sharp points, which are a bit recessed, so they do not actually touch your skin…unless you’re more erect than you should be.  The device provides a nice tight squeeze and can be worn much longer, perhaps continuously.
Princess is offering a special introductory discount of 50% off the regular price. Grab one while the special pricing is in effect!