Feminine Endeavors

pink-natureI enjoy receiving emails and comments from people who visit this site and listen to my files.  I adore being appreciated and obeyed. What distinguishes my approach to erotic hypnosis is my insistence upon being ethical and compassionate.  I extend this to everything I do–domination, hypnosis, my communications and interactions.  I am a passionate advocate for sexuality–a person’s right to explore and enjoy what feels authentic and hot.  Among the men who have participated in my Princess Circle orgasm control files and challenges, there are a good number who identified themselves as enjoying or craving female erotic experiences too.  Whether this be feeling feminine in some way, wearing an item of clothing, or taking pleasure from things we traditionally call ‘female.’  Our sexuality is not static, not fixed.  There are female and male aspects to our personalities and desires…though who gets to define this anyway?  Who has the power to draw the line, to make judgments or assumptions when you know very well what makes you feel good.  Or what would make you feel good.  This is what I mean about being a passionate advocate for sexuality.

One way I contribute to supporting this belief is through creating erotic hypnosis files.  My files provide erotic pleasure, instruction, discipline, and the freedom to imagine what’s hot, exciting, satisfying for you.  So, the newest file on my site is an introductory file to a series I am calling Feminine by Desire. I wrote it in response to communications I’ve had with some of you.  It’s a ‘newbie’ file, for someone new to entertaining and embracing feminine qualities; but also for those new to erotic hypnosis.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.  The more I hear from you, and the better my files respond to your needs…and the more I can keep doing this.standing-mirror


~Princess Circe