Which new files shall I record?

Dear friends in trance,

I am going to create some additional free files for my Devotional Training Series.  The series has been extremely successful with weekly downloads.  I have appreciated your emails about the series and the impact it has had on helping you cultivate devotion and obedience.  That is my intent.

For the next series, I am weighing different kinds of devotional or disciplinary tasks to include.  Some have requested files on strict regulation of habits (such as spending, eating, sexual or self-gratification).  Some have requested more ritual-focused files, such as the kneeling files.

If you have a preference or desire, email me at Circe@Princess-Circe.com and let me know….


Want to Read More Erotic Writing of Mine?

Click here: A Host’s Ordeal

I love summer.  It’s such a wonderful long season of relaxation.  The heat of the long slow days causes you to move at a lazy pace.  Nothing rushes.  Nothing moves in a hurry.  You might as well pour yourself a tall glass of something cold and sweet; put a few ice cubes in it. Sit back and set your mind to the most sexy, hot, wild fantasies you can.  Close your eyes. Hold that sweaty glass up against your forehead and let the cool drips slide down.

My goal for this summer is to produce one new Circle file each month, and to begin the second set of files in my Devotional Training Series.  I love writing and recording erotic hypnosis files.  And I so enjoy writing other erotic tales as well.  In fact, I invite you to follow this link to a long romp of a story which I co-authored with a dear friend.  In this story, I am “Princess Eva,” and used this pen name for the story.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think:  A Host’s Ordeal