Midsummer Sweat

It’s midsummer, hot and sticky.  Slow and languid.  Is it this way for you too?  Do you find that summer is a time when you’re motivated to pledge yourself to new endeavors and areas of discipline?  Or is summer a time to take it easy, loosen your belt (for one of various reasons) and just feel the passage of time move across your skin like warm water?  Feel the sun on your skin and luxuriate in it?  Dream of being owned.

I love being outdoors.  I love the sun.  I love feeling the heat on my arms and legs, sipping a cool drink and feeling a bead of water run slowly down the side of the glass, drop onto my throat, to my chest, and meander between my breasts.  I love being attended to and served.  I peer over my sunglasses at the person delivering said cool drink on a tray, poolside.  Beneath my broad-brimmed hat, I give him a glance of appreciation as he places the glass at my table.  And then I stretch my legs.

It’s glorious to lounge around wearing next to nothing. You feel intensely connected to your body and your desires.  Each yearning is pitched high.  Every want is blatant, flat out in the open.  You cannot hide the heat of what you want, not when you’re stretched out, the sunlight full on your skin.  It’s hot.  It’s a perfect time to let your mind wander into the deep, sensuous realm of hypnosis.  It’s a wonderful season to pledge devotion; to be controlled.