New KTB–Not for the Faint of Heart (but would you have it any other way?)

For those of  my readers who enjoy chastity play–and seek intensive experiences–I have some very good news!  A friend of mine is the designer of the first commercially-available KTB.  This was a very popular metal device–a spiky little devil one is instructed to wear for training or punishment. After years of research, he has found a way to offer an improved, very light weight  KTB via 3-D printing.  And it’s available for purchase here, or the signature version here! Now, before I go any further, let’s take a look at these delicious vixens:

Signature KTB

Original KTB

Down-right Medieval looking, isn’t it?  I love it. And I admire the boys who wear it for me. The KTB has inward-facing points–not sharp enough to penetrate the skin, but very effective at discouraging even partial erection…let alone any willful attempts at stimulation. You can see why it’s a ideal training device. The KTB can be locked on with either a supplied locking pin together with a serial-numbered plastic tag,or using an inserted lock. You can read more details about the device in my friend’s post.

Princess Circe has a special circle for those of you who enjoy both erotic hypnosis and chastity. Wearing a KTB as a form of devotion is noble because it’s difficult. But it is hard to endure discipline without a strict disciplinarian, isn’t it? I am in the process of creating a few new, free files on devotion and on training with a punishing device like the KTB. If you wish to try a KTB and join my special circle, you may email me at: and let me know.

~Yours in trance,

UPDATE!  I have created an hypnosis file for KTB wearers. See the Premium File Page for details.

5 thoughts on “New KTB–Not for the Faint of Heart (but would you have it any other way?)

  1. jay says:

    Princess Circe,
    Why a KTB vs. a chastity device?
    What are the longer term effects of wearing a KTB?

    Thank You, I’m just really curious

  2. […] I have been very pleased by the emails I am getting from my KTB wearers.  Here are a few tasty morsels from a recent email by someone who purchased a signature KTB: […]

  3. purplebobby says:

    Circe, I am always fond of others who value the use of the Kali’s teeth bracelet regardless of which version you have. I am intrigued by your latest design and 3D printing. I have one of the old/original models and it’s lasted for over 15 years now. I’m actually wearing it right now and use it to help me focus at work instead of looking at things I shouldn’t and allowing my mind to wander to places it needs not. My wife was a fan of the device and we used it quite frequently, then the kids arrived and our relationship has grown away from each other and focusing on raising three boys. My point, I was happy to locate your site and find your approach most fascinating! I have a sincere love for metal bondage, orgasm control and many other aspects of a female led marriage. Just wanted to say hi!

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