Allow me…


I’ve had a wonderful response to my file “Bound in Circe’s ropes,” and in reply, yes, I will do more files on the bondage theme.  Right now I am working on a new file which has to do with enduring difficult training.  Ah, yes…another of my favorite themes.

Bondage has long been a fetish of mine.  In fact, I’ve met many people over the years who say their introduction to more exotic adventures was that first time being tied up.  Oh, you know…that evening when she removes the bathrobe sash, or he re-purposes his neck tie. Perhaps there’s some fear at first, until that stone cold rush is transformed into exhilaration, the excitement of surrendering to the person who wants to control you. And there is something so deeply, sensually satisfying about not having a choice.  About letting go.  Because in truth, this is what you want, don’t you? –the freedom to set aside the veneer.  Well, I am happy to assist.  Follow me, and listen to me.  Allow yourself to sink gently, deeply into my control.

2 thoughts on “Allow me…

  1. Sasha says:

    Love the erotic hypnosis files you have here. Truly, your name, Princess Circe, fits because you are an enchantress. I look forward to more on this site and to seeing where it goes. I might even have something that I might like you to create for me…

    • circe says:

      Thank you for this kind comment, my trance-loving friend. I’m pleased to know you’re thinking of a unique file that you might like to have created. Here’s to further enchantments.

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