Time to Get Serious

It’s almost autumn.  Time for buckling down, getting down to it, nose to the grindstone.  Balls to the wall.  I’m back, and it’s time to get serious.

Circe's BackIt makes me very happy that so many boys have accessed my orgasm control hypnosis file.  In fact, I had a request this week for more intense and specific forms of control–permission.  So this has got my creative juices flowing, and I am putting together a pair of files–one which establishes Princess Circe’s control over your orgasm and My Rules; and another which gives you My explicit permission to cum.

Interested bad boys will first access the control file, which will provide you with information on the permission file. But that permission file won’t be available until I choose.  Permission.  Or permissions.  You see how this could go on.

So, let me get down to it.  Stay tuned.

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