Introducing: The Princess Circle

Greetings, trance lovers,crown-key

If you are in need of tight, focused control of your orgasms, read on.

I have created a special series of five Princess Circle files for those who crave strict control and who want me, Princess Circe, to be in charge of their orgasms, providing intense restrictions, encouragement, and eventual release.

To launch this exciting and brand new adventure, I have produced an initial Premium File, Yielding Control of Your Orgasm.  Here, I will guide you into an erotic trance of submission, where your craving for control is validated.  You will be directed in obedience, as I  gently but firmly take command of your orgasm. In four subsequent files, you will be challenged to strengthen your obedience and resolve; learn to transform frustration into productivity; and be rewarded with rich opportunities for the most pleasurable orgasms imaginable.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get you in my clutches…

One thought on “Introducing: The Princess Circle

  1. augustin says:

    Beg to join your circle my goddess!

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