Devotional Training

D.1If you are new to submission or eager to begin a course of devotional training, this series is perfect for you. I have created five training files with careful instructions and guidance. Each file introduces a different posture or challenge, from kneeling, to standing, bondage and insertion. After a period of relaxation, I provide careful descriptions of the task at hand. I then remain with you, keeping time, as you set upon completing the task.

My trainings are intended to progress over five days but may also be repeated or played in a preferred order. You may listen to them as often as you wish. And if you do…if you practice faithfully, I assure you, my files will cultivate within you a deeper commitment to submission and obedience. They will help you develop more self-discipline, humility, and the capacity for worship. My words and my voice are strict, yet encouraging, inspiring the desire to succeed.

Work hard, and enjoy the work you do.


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