Premium Files this page you will find erotic hypnosis files which are for sale.  Some of these I have created for general enjoyment, or in response to topics frequently suggested to me.  Other files here were commissioned by my followers, and they are offered  to you at a discounted price.

If you are interested in commissioning an hypnosis file of either a half-hour or full hour’s length, you may write to me at  Describe the wild ride you want to be taken on–or the particular, intensely erotic scenario you long to slip into.  Do you need to be commanded to live out a fantasy?  Do you long to transform?  Do you crave even stricter challenges and opportunities to obey?  Tell me what you want…what you need, and Princess Circe will create a sensuous, enchanting file for you.


Dear, honored Mistress Princess Circe,
You give so much calm and ease to me, and so much feeling of contentedness, to be sheltered, trusting and trustful surrendering and sacrificing me to Your voice and will. I say THANK YOU to one of the best Hypno Dommes to be trusted!!!

Obey Deeply

There are many levels of obedience, from responding to a direct order to embracing obedience as a lifestyle choice.  If your goal is to achieve progressively deeper states of obedience and yielding, this file is for you.  Obedience is not easy–not at all.  It takes tremendous self-discipline and intention.  This file offers erotic guidance for those interested in using the tool of hypnosis to cultivate obedience  It also guides the listener softly and sensuously down, to deeper levels of trance than he or she has experienced before.  Each focus reinforces the other–deep trance and authentic obedience.

Session Length:  33 minutes.  28 MB.   This file features Princess Circe’s signature music with theta beats and background sounds of a ticking clock.


Tease and Denial, a Sexual Journey

In this file, I will take you through a sensual hypnotic experience of tease and denial.  After being put into a light hypnotic trance, you will follow me into a session that includes, bondage, cock teasing, and discipline–and ends in an explosive orgasm.  Imagine yourself tied and helpless, under the total control of a powerful dominant woman, forced to endure the slow movement of her hands stroking you. You will want to listen to this file again and again.

Session Length:  43 minutes.  36.5 MB.  This file features Princess Circe’s signature music with theta beats and background sounds of a ticking clock and beating heart.

Just want a taste of the tease?  I am offering a 3 minute sample to whet your appetite.


Female by Desire

I created this file for those who wish to enjoy, enhance, and take risks with their feminine qualities.  Each one of us has a rich, complex personality with many facets.  To deny any part of your whole self is to close off depths of personal joy.  In the file, I also explain erotic hypnosis for those who have never experienced it.

Session Length:  33 minutes.  27 MB.  This file features Princess Circe’s signature music with theta beats, and the background sounds of a ticking clock and beating heart.


I am also offering a preview file containing the first 10 minutes of the above file, at no charge.  Session Length: 10 minutes.  9 MB.



The Princess Circle

Trance lovers, if you are in need of tight, focused control of your orgasms, read on: Princess Circe has created a series of five exceptional files for those who crave strict control, intense restrictions, encouragement, and eventual release.

File Five: Circe’s Trigger-Drop Deeply for Me

This fifth file in The Princess Circle series draws you deeply into erotic hypnosis and then provides you with the special gift of a trigger phrase which will help you achieve the delicious state of trance with greater speed and intensity. Background sounds include Circe’s signature music with theta beats and audio tracks. If you are new to The Princess Circle or eager for the experience of orgasm control, please scroll down to File One, which is a recommended introductory file on the topic and meant to enhance subsequent files. This Session Length:  26 minutes.  21 MB.


File Four:  Your Chastity Resolution

This file, the fourth in The Princess Circle series, honors the ritual of a new year or special occasion as an opportunity to recommit yourself to orgasm control.  Why do you want–and need–orgasm control?  Princess entertains these questions with you as well as her inevitable answer, submit, obey.  If you are new to erotic hypnosis, this file also provides an introduction and information on the experience of falling slowly into the delicious state of trance.   Session length:  ~31 minutes.  27 MB.  Enjoy Circe’s signature background music with theta beats and audio tracks.


File Three:  Energized by Orgasm Control

This is the third file in The Princess Circle series.  As with the previous files, this may be enjoyed as a stand-alone file, but it builds upon the previous two files.  Here, you will receive instruction on transforming the energy of a postponed orgasm into purposeful and fulfilling productivity.  Circle members receive a discount.  Session length:  41 minutes.  36 MB. This file includes Circe’s signature background music with theta beats and audio tracks.


File Two:  Turning Frustration Into Pleasure

This is the second file in The Princess Circle series.  It may be enjoyed as a stand-alone file, but is designed to accompany the Circle program of orgasm denial, challenges, release, and communication with Princess Circe.  This file builds upon the foundation of control and hypnotic suggestions established in File One. It offers commands, advice, and interesting contemplation on the rigor and art of submission, all in Circe’s rich, hypnotic voice.  Session length:  ~30 min. 25.7 MB.  This file includes Circe’s signature background music with theta beats, and background audio tracks.  Circle members receive a discount.


File One:  Yielding Control of Your Orgasm

In this first file, Princess Circe will guide you into an erotic trance of submission.  Here, your craving for control is validated.  You will be directed in obedience, as Princess gently but firmly takes command of your orgasm.  This file plants a trigger which makes it difficult/impossible for you to orgasm without permission from Princess Circe.  Not to worry, though, the suggestion is designed to fade should you decide to stop playing with Princess. Also provided are tools and rules designed to support you in this difficult but necessary task.

This first orgasm control fine may be enjoyed as a stand-alone file, or used as the first step toward living out the dream of yielding to the command of an exacting but compassionate Princess.  Session length: 33 min.  28 MB. This file includes a ticking clock, soothing background music, and theta beats.


Additional Files

Guard Dog Transformation

In this custom-created file, you will follow Princess Circe into a deeply erotic transformation.   As you walk down a pathway, suspending any resistance or inhibition, you will become a guard dog, powerful yet obedient, and very, very horny. Collared and leashed, down on all fours, panting ever so slightly, you are invited to experience the perspectives and instincts of this noble animal as he defends and adores his mistress. This file urges you to revel in the hot, muscular corners of your  imagination.  Background sounds include relaxing music with theta beats, softly ticking clock, and deep heartbeat.  Note:  It is recommended that you use headphones, preferably noise-cancelling ones, to experience the full range of sounds.  Session Length 27 minutes.  Size 32 MB.


Tough Love:  Wearing a KTB

I created this premium file to provide motivation and stick-with-it encouragement for KTB wearers.  Whether you are new to the pleasures and torments of KTB chastity or an experienced wearer, the KTB demands strenuous devotion to service.  After a slow, erotic induction, I guide you through a discussion of putting on, locking, and managing the device for progressive periods of time. We delve into questions and goals, and I make powerful subliminal suggestions to assist you in achieving them. I also provide a hypnotic trigger, a tool that will help you manage erections now, and beyond each listening of the file.  This file includes my signature background music with theta beats.  File duration 28.5 minutes.  Size 33.7 MB.

**Note** If you have already purchased a KTB or Princess Circe Signature KTB, email me a picture of yourself wearing the KTB.  I’ll then send you a discount code to use when purchasing this file.


Strict Mistress Hypnosis—Orgasm Control

In this file, I introduce chastity boys to the discipline of orgasm control. You will learn to enter a trance and become used to my voice, and the files also plant a trigger to help you enter trance more easily in the future. This file is most successfully used in conjunction with the full range of challenges and opportunities available on KeySafe web site FAQ, a site for wearers of chastity devices and their Keyholders. However, it may also be enjoyed independent of Keyholding play.

This is a Basic Induction and Training file . My test subject found that after listening a half a dozen times to this file, he was no longer able to orgasm without first receiving permission. If Strict Mistress returns someone’s keys, the hypnotic control disappears. This file includes a ticking clock, soothing background music, theta beats and background audio tracks, in addition to the foreground audio track. File duration: 26 minutes. Size 19.8MB.

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