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20141231_214113The files on this page are free of charge.   They are copyrighted by me, so please do not post them on another web site, but you certainly can post links to this page, tell anyone you want about my site, and put copies of these files on any device you own.

To save a file on your local hard drive, go to the Check-Out page. There, right-click on the file name and select save link as.  For the most enhanced hypnotic experience, I suggest you wear stereo headphones while listening to these files.

Female by Desire.  I am offering this preview file containing the first 10 minutes of Female by Desire.  If you like what you hear, you ca purchase the full file on my Premium Files page.  Session Length: 10 minutes.  9 MB. 

Bound in Circe’s Ropes:  I invite you to join me in a experience of trance and virtual bondage.  This file begins with a deeply calming relaxation phase, in which you are asked to clear your mind of unnecessary preoccupations and open yourself to my soft, languorous voice and suggestions. After an intensely erotic induction, you will be ready to experience delicious sensations as I control your body and expand your mind, filling you with palpable desire. I will guide you into a state of virtual bondage as I tie you with my hypnotic ropes, holding you fast to me, demanding that you to yield to the submission and obedience you crave.  Background sounds include relaxing music with theta beats, softly ticking clock and deep heartbeat. Note: It is recommended that you use headphones, preferably noise-cancelling ones, to experience the full repertoire of sounds. Earbuds are not really sufficient.  Session Length: 33 minutes.  Size 32 MB.

Relaxation: Why is it often so difficult to achieve? It’s state of mind we crave for its own sake and wish to cultivate, for relaxation readies us. It helps us become receptive to further pleasures and suggestions. Please enjoy this free file. Allow me to guide you through a gentle, sensuous hypnotic trance, in which you relax your mind and body fully. I will engage and tease your imagination, as we take this journey together. Background sounds include relaxing music with theta beats, and softly ticking clock. Session Length: 25 minutes. Size 19.4 MB

Enhancing Sexual Performance: In this file, I  will take you through an hypnotic journey in which you replace fears and anxieties about sexual performance with confident, sensual, successful images.  In deep relaxation, you will call forth memories of your successes over time.  Then using the power of your own strong mind, you will imagine yourself enjoying an erotic experience with confidence and control. The target audience for this file is heterosexual men. Background sounds include relaxing music with theta beats, and softly ticking clock.  Session Length:  28 minutes.  Size 22.3 MB

7 thoughts on “Free Files

  1. circe says:

    Thank you for your compliment! I have been away from the site, but I am back and posting now. See the home page for news on a new device I am offering.

  2. Jerry Pehlke says:

    I am glad I have discovered this website and hearing your lovely free files princess circe is breathtaking and relaxing I wish to be updated as to more files with your lovely voice Princess circe I am ready to serve

  3. Dave says:

    Fantastic, such a beautiful innocent looking Princess with all that talent and edge. I obey all you ask Princess.

  4. […] new website.  And therefore…I am happy to reward my listeners with a new free file, “Bound in Circe’s Ropes.”  Come and enjoy a long, slow, relaxing induction.  And when you are deeply in trance,  I […]

  5. BamaSwitch says:

    Thank you, Princess Circe!!

    I can’t wait to see what other files you have available. Although I have never been hypnotized I am extremely interested and looking forward to the attempt.

    Thanks again,

    • circe says:

      Thank you, BamaSwitch. Glad you enjoyed the file. I’m working on two additional files right now. Check back often to read my blog posts as well.


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