About Me

Birches at DuskMy name is Circe, and I am an erotic hypnotist. I use the tool of hypnosis to provide deep relaxation and sensual experiences.  Erotic hypnotism involves taking hypnosis into sexual domains.  Both traditional hypnosis and erotic hypnosis are deeply relaxing, often cathartic, and engage the mind, the imagination, and the body. An hypnosis session can spark a sense of deep wellbeing within you–or it can leave you filled with intense sexual desire and the most sensitive of physical responses.
In an erotic hypnotic trance, You can explore aspects of your sexuality and  through fantasy, experience imagined situations and feelings you wish to have. These can include a deeper commitment to submission, greater erotic confidence, orgasm control, or multiple orgasms.  As your hypnotist, I help you harness your own creative strength.  I will take you to a state of blissful relaxation, or guide you through scenarios you have always wanted to feel.
Compassionate Control
Many of my clients seek erotic hypnosis because they wish to experience compassionate control. They want to yield their mind and submit to a Dominant female who will provide strict, firm direction but who can be trusted entirely to care for the treasured gift of mental submission.      ​