The Pleasures of Tease and Denial

To be perfectly frank, I have never met a man who did not enjoy teasing.  Oh, some have more tolerance for it than others; some crave it; some loathe it but can’t resist it, just as a ruined orgasm is either hated or loved.  I am tease and denial’s #1 fan.  It’s a powerful way to enforce submission.  You are in such control of that cock when the release is one slick stroke away.  Bringing it closer and closer to the edge of orgasm…and then letting go.  Doing this over again, and over, and over again until the mind seems to swirl with dark and light, you are one pure, vibrating stream of desire, and you feel absolutely helpless.  You are completely focused- every inch of your being- on me.  You are focused on my hand, my expression.  Teasing builds endurance and submission.  It cultivates devotion.  And I recommend a healthy diet of it.  This is why I’ve decided to create an erotic hypnosis tease and denial endurance file.  Lick your lips and wait for it.

Something a Horny Boy Needs

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It can be difficult in these dog days of summer to push yourself to up your game.  This is true for those of you who wear devices (or frankly, should).  I am aware of a number of boys who’d like to increase their challenge level–but find a traditional KTB too daunting.  Or, you may enjoy the demands of a KTB but find it impossible to manage for long periods of time.  Princess understands.  So in the spirit of earnest training, I am offering a modified, or milder KTB.  This new version has slightly less sharp points, which are a bit recessed, so they do not actually touch your skin…unless you’re more erect than you should be.  The device provides a nice tight squeeze and can be worn much longer, perhaps continuously.
Princess is offering a special introductory discount of 50% off the regular price. Grab one while the special pricing is in effect!

Training On Saturday…and Sunday

Update:  I plan to upload the Saturday and Sunday training files this coming weekend.  Thank you to all devoted trainees who have written me.

I am very happy with the emails I’m receiving on my devotional training series. It pleases me to know that the files are being put to good use.  I like cultivating discipline and devotion.  So in response, I will be creating two additional training files, for a sixth and seventh day.  This will allow you to round out your training to an even seven days–though I plan to make the weekend tasks quite a bit more challenging.  Stay tuned….




Bad Boy

The newly-designed KTB is causing a bit of a stir.  I’ve had numerous high-pitched emails from those of you newly in possession of one.  Just looking at it, with those sharp fine spikes.  One curious writer whose device had just arrived,  remarked that the KTB is a lot smaller than he anticipated (Why am I smiling?) But it is light-weight, and you may rest assured that you’ll not be setting off metal detectors when you go through airports or municipal buildings.  In other words, it’s such a bad ass device.  No one will know that beneath that cool, composed exterior; beneath your businessman pants there is indeed a very persistent, nasty little secret demanding your full attention.  Discomfort of any kind is a gift to me, or whomever you are wearing chastity for.  I want to know exactly what the new KTB feels like.  I want to know your experiences, down to the nitty gritty.  You may send a polite email to  And if you’d like to learn more about the KTB, here is the link.


New KTB–Not for the Faint of Heart (but would you have it any other way?)

For those of  my readers who enjoy chastity play–and seek intensive experiences–I have some very good news!  A friend of mine is the designer of the first commercially-available KTB.  This was a very popular metal device–a spiky little devil one is instructed to wear for training or punishment. After years of research, he has found a way to offer an improved, very light weight  KTB via 3-D printing.  And it’s available for purchase here, or the signature version here! Now, before I go any further, let’s take a look at these delicious vixens:

Signature KTB

Original KTB

Down-right Medieval looking, isn’t it?  I love it. And I admire the boys who wear it for me. The KTB has inward-facing points–not sharp enough to penetrate the skin, but very effective at discouraging even partial erection…let alone any willful attempts at stimulation. You can see why it’s a ideal training device. The KTB can be locked on with either a supplied locking pin together with a serial-numbered plastic tag,or using an inserted lock. You can read more details about the device in my friend’s post.

Princess Circe has a special circle for those of you who enjoy both erotic hypnosis and chastity. Wearing a KTB as a form of devotion is noble because it’s difficult. But it is hard to endure discipline without a strict disciplinarian, isn’t it? I am in the process of creating a few new, free files on devotion and on training with a punishing device like the KTB. If you wish to try a KTB and join my special circle, you may email me at: and let me know.

~Yours in trance,

UPDATE!  I have created an hypnosis file for KTB wearers. See the Premium File Page for details.