Oh, and back to the KTB.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am working on a very special devotional  item.  This will take a few weeks to produce, but meanwhile, I decided to re-post this entry from last spring:

Sometimes we all need a bit of assistance, especially when the task at hand is bitterly trying.  I have enjoyed reading emails sent in response to my devotional training. (I understand, in fact, that some of you want even more rigorous challenges).  I’m also following the progress of several KTB wearers who are aiming for progressively longer periods of cock incarceration.  It isn’t easy.  But here’s where Hypnosis can come in handy.

I’ve created a new premium file expressly to assist KTB wearers.  After a sensuous induction, I provide instruction and hypnotic reinforcement for intense chastity wear.  Cultivating a sense of humble discipline takes time and patience.  It’s so much easier to take the bit when there’s a crop hovering over you.  Or, failing that, when you have a strict Princess on your side. The file will give you support in this way.  It will help you stay focused on your reasons for enduring discomfort.  And…always the dark angel, I also provide a post-hypnotic suggestion to help you manage those troublesome erections. 

Here’s something else: if you’ve already purchased a KTB, send me a verification photo of yourself locked up to: Circe@Princess-Circe.com, and I will reply with a discount code you can use to purchase the file.

Now…back at it.


The American Election and Power of the Goddess

Whether or not you are an American reader, you are no doubt bombarded with chaotic news stories of the U.S. Presidential election.  In the heat of battle between both political parties, several core values have been put up on the altar, to be defended as sacred or defamed.  Or worse yet, ridiculed. Unfortunately, women–the value and glory of women–has been maligned by one candidate who will remain nameless on this site.  He views them as objects and has called women pigs, among other insults.  When what he really should be doing is getting down on his knees to call us Goddess.

Let me explain.  My name, Circe, conjures one of the greatest mystical Goddesses of Greek Mythology.  Circe was the Goddess of metamorphosis and illusion.  Adept at casting spells, she was also the creator of magic and sorcery.  She reigned over her island, Aeaea, transforming any man who presented a threat into a beast.  In one of her most famous episodes, in Homer’s Odyssey, Circe transforms Odysseus’s men into swine.  Eventually, she is persuaded by the great Odysseus to return the men to their mortal form, where they remain enjoying the enormous sensual pleasures of the island for a full year (Who can blame them?) before departing with Circe’s blessings and favorable winds.  circe-image

If there is any pig or swine to be had in the current season, it is he who dares disparage the greatness of women.  Princess is aware that any subscriber to this site or member of her Circle adores women, reveres strong women, and knows the exquisite joy that Dominant and Powerful women hold.  I hold this power.  I command it.  For shame to live in a culture which regards women in such a lowly status.  Men are responsible and should be disciplined accordingly.  Men need discipline to honor the disgrace they have imposed on women–and to yield their obedience and willingness to suffer as extraordinary gifts.

Tied Up

hands chained

Chief among my many fetishes is bondage.  I love rope.  I love rope.  I also love leather, straps, jackets, hoods, chains, and…mmm…latex. I look wonderful in latex, and being a bit of an exhibitionist, I take advantage of opportunities to wear it.

You can switch out the rope for straps or buckles; put on a collar and leash, a ball gag, pump gag.  But the key element to any scene is mental bondage.  Mind control. You know what I mean,  the inexpressible joy of being tied to someone, bound to her, controlled. Told what you will do, and what you won’t.  Your hands tied at the wrists, or better yet, behind your back as you lie flat on  your stomach; legs roped and cinched at the ankles, calves, above the knees.  Maybe you’re gagged, maybe hooded.  More rope now around your waist. She pulls the lead rope from your ankles up, high up, tightly, to the loop at the back of your hood.  Suddenly, you find you are hog tied. And you don’t know how long you’ll be left there, made to endure.   You are totally at her mercy, her pleasure. You are her possession.  You are her toy.  And this is what you want, I know.  There is nobility in such endurance in yielding to the bonds, relaxing into the fact that you cannot escape.

What if you haven’t an opportunity to play with rope, be tied by a mistress or a master?  What if you crave the feeling of being held tight, or tethered to someone, or simply told not to move–for a while.  Well, there are virtual ropes.  Invisible ropes, tied in tight elegant knots within your own mind. Your mind as it is controlled in erotic hypnotism.  Stay tuned.  I have a lot more to say about that.