Feminine Endeavors

pink-natureI enjoy receiving emails and comments from people who visit this site and listen to my files.  I adore being appreciated and obeyed. What distinguishes my approach to erotic hypnosis is my insistence upon being ethical and compassionate.  I extend this to everything I do–domination, hypnosis, my communications and interactions.  I am a passionate advocate for sexuality–a person’s right to explore and enjoy what feels authentic and hot.  Among the men who have participated in my Princess Circle orgasm control files and challenges, there are a good number who identified themselves as enjoying or craving female erotic experiences too.  Whether this be feeling feminine in some way, wearing an item of clothing, or taking pleasure from things we traditionally call ‘female.’  Our sexuality is not static, not fixed.  There are female and male aspects to our personalities and desires…though who gets to define this anyway?  Who has the power to draw the line, to make judgments or assumptions when you know very well what makes you feel good.  Or what would make you feel good.  This is what I mean about being a passionate advocate for sexuality.

One way I contribute to supporting this belief is through creating erotic hypnosis files.  My files provide erotic pleasure, instruction, discipline, and the freedom to imagine what’s hot, exciting, satisfying for you.  So, the newest file on my site is an introductory file to a series I am calling Feminine by Desire. I wrote it in response to communications I’ve had with some of you.  It’s a ‘newbie’ file, for someone new to entertaining and embracing feminine qualities; but also for those new to erotic hypnosis.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.  The more I hear from you, and the better my files respond to your needs…and the more I can keep doing this.standing-mirror


~Princess Circe

Time to Get Serious

It’s almost autumn.  Time for buckling down, getting down to it, nose to the grindstone.  Balls to the wall.  I’m back, and it’s time to get serious.

Circe's BackIt makes me very happy that so many boys have accessed my orgasm control hypnosis file.  In fact, I had a request this week for more intense and specific forms of control–permission.  So this has got my creative juices flowing, and I am putting together a pair of files–one which establishes Princess Circe’s control over your orgasm and My Rules; and another which gives you My explicit permission to cum.

Interested bad boys will first access the control file, which will provide you with information on the permission file. But that permission file won’t be available until I choose.  Permission.  Or permissions.  You see how this could go on.

So, let me get down to it.  Stay tuned.

Are you ready to be trained?

Circe scroll 2Greetings, trance lovers,

I’m very happy to announce that I have just posted a Devotional Training page on my site! The series of free files provides five daily challenges aimed at cultivating discipline and devotion.  My challenges are physical, mental, and always sensual.  In fact, for those of you who’ve purchased KTB devices, I have a special challenge just for you….

I believe in rigorous adherence to a program of self-improvement.  I expect ambition in my submissives–the ambition to please and to serve.  I will help you develop this attitude.  Listen to the files and be guided by my voice.  Practice the training exercises and allow yourself to become the best submissive you can be.  I believe in you.


Elusive Trance

CIrce corner scroll 4The desire to drop deeply into trance is often made stronger with each relaxing experience.  But for some of us, achieving a trance state may seem elusive in the beginning.

I recently had an email on this topic.  The writer has listened to a number of hypnosis files but not yet achieved the state of erotic hypnosis he desires.  He has been told that his very analytical mind could be an obstacle. Unfortunately,  some people with an analytical mind do have trouble going into trance, especially if they have not yet experienced it.  Don’t be discouraged!  Being able to go into a trance is a learn-able skill, and with practice, most people can get better and better over time.

It’s possible you may already have experienced trance and not realize it. It is very difficult to know what being in a trance feels like.  I have often had people who were in a deep trance, wake up and refuse to believe they had been successful. If you can put yourself into a comfortable position, relax your body, ‘shut down’ your mind and close your eyes, then you are already in a light trance–simply by taking those simple steps.

My advice is to find a file that you enjoy listening to, and while listening, try to ‘quiet’ your mind.  As you get better at doing so, you will soon develop the skill of going into trance.For example, do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?  The process of relaxing into sleep and going into trance are similar, so if you’ve developed techniques that help you fall asleep, try using a modified version of them to get into trance.  Another idea is to task your brain with something to keep it busy, so that it eventually becomes tired. For example, count backwards from 1000 by 3’s while listening to a file.  When you find yourself unable to continue counting, or losing your place, you have succeeded.  Or you may find that focusing your eyes on a spot on a wall or ceiling and trying to keep them open might work for you.

At some point in the future, I may record a file especially on this topic, for those of you new to erotic hypnosis.  In the mean time, keep trying–enjoy the files. Listen to my voice and enjoy the erotic suggestions–just enjoy them.  You may be succeeding and not even know it.


Allow me…


I’ve had a wonderful response to my file “Bound in Circe’s ropes,” and in reply, yes, I will do more files on the bondage theme.  Right now I am working on a new file which has to do with enduring difficult training.  Ah, yes…another of my favorite themes.

Bondage has long been a fetish of mine.  In fact, I’ve met many people over the years who say their introduction to more exotic adventures was that first time being tied up.  Oh, you know…that evening when she removes the bathrobe sash, or he re-purposes his neck tie. Perhaps there’s some fear at first, until that stone cold rush is transformed into exhilaration, the excitement of surrendering to the person who wants to control you. And there is something so deeply, sensually satisfying about not having a choice.  About letting go.  Because in truth, this is what you want, don’t you? –the freedom to set aside the veneer.  Well, I am happy to assist.  Follow me, and listen to me.  Allow yourself to sink gently, deeply into my control.

New KTB–Not for the Faint of Heart (but would you have it any other way?)

For those of  my readers who enjoy chastity play–and seek intensive experiences–I have some very good news!  A friend of mine is the designer of the first commercially-available KTB.  This was a very popular metal device–a spiky little devil one is instructed to wear for training or punishment. After years of research, he has found a way to offer an improved, very light weight  KTB via 3-D printing.  And it’s available for purchase here, or the signature version here! Now, before I go any further, let’s take a look at these delicious vixens:

Signature KTB

Original KTB

Down-right Medieval looking, isn’t it?  I love it. And I admire the boys who wear it for me. The KTB has inward-facing points–not sharp enough to penetrate the skin, but very effective at discouraging even partial erection…let alone any willful attempts at stimulation. You can see why it’s a ideal training device. The KTB can be locked on with either a supplied locking pin together with a serial-numbered plastic tag,or using an inserted lock. You can read more details about the device in my friend’s post.

Princess Circe has a special circle for those of you who enjoy both erotic hypnosis and chastity. Wearing a KTB as a form of devotion is noble because it’s difficult. But it is hard to endure discipline without a strict disciplinarian, isn’t it? I am in the process of creating a few new, free files on devotion and on training with a punishing device like the KTB. If you wish to try a KTB and join my special circle, you may email me at: Circe@Princess-Circe.com and let me know.

~Yours in trance,

UPDATE!  I have created an hypnosis file for KTB wearers. See the Premium File Page for details.