The Pleasures of Tease and Denial

To be perfectly frank, I have never met a man who did not enjoy teasing.  Oh, some have more tolerance for it than others; some crave it; some loathe it but can’t resist it, just as a ruined orgasm is either hated or loved.  I am tease and denial’s #1 fan.  It’s a powerful way to enforce submission.  You are in such control of that cock when the release is one slick stroke away.  Bringing it closer and closer to the edge of orgasm…and then letting go.  Doing this over again, and over, and over again until the mind seems to swirl with dark and light, you are one pure, vibrating stream of desire, and you feel absolutely helpless.  You are completely focused- every inch of your being- on me.  You are focused on my hand, my expression.  Teasing builds endurance and submission.  It cultivates devotion.  And I recommend a healthy diet of it.  This is why I’ve decided to create an erotic hypnosis tease and denial endurance file.  Lick your lips and wait for it.

A Change in Season

moon-shardA cool breeze makes you rub the skin on your arms.  Suddenly, you’re aware that you wish, for the first time in months, that you were wearing long sleeves, or a jacket.  It’s autumn, no doubt.  You look at the trees for the early signs of color; summer has ended while you were hardly looking.  All around, you see the russet colors of fall, red and gold.  Before you know it, the branches will be bare and the earth hardening with early frost.  Are you ready to accept this change in the seasons?  Are you ready to pull in, cloak yourself with the lengthening shadows and evening chill, to clear your mind and allow your body to relax into the soft, deep peace of trance?  Follow me into this new season. Listen to the warmth, the slow sensuous words I speak to you, guiding you into the pleasures of erotic hypnosis.  It is time to prepare your mind and your body to yield to the changes around you.  To yield to me.

Elusive Trance

CIrce corner scroll 4The desire to drop deeply into trance is often made stronger with each relaxing experience.  But for some of us, achieving a trance state may seem elusive in the beginning.

I recently had an email on this topic.  The writer has listened to a number of hypnosis files but not yet achieved the state of erotic hypnosis he desires.  He has been told that his very analytical mind could be an obstacle. Unfortunately,  some people with an analytical mind do have trouble going into trance, especially if they have not yet experienced it.  Don’t be discouraged!  Being able to go into a trance is a learn-able skill, and with practice, most people can get better and better over time.

It’s possible you may already have experienced trance and not realize it. It is very difficult to know what being in a trance feels like.  I have often had people who were in a deep trance, wake up and refuse to believe they had been successful. If you can put yourself into a comfortable position, relax your body, ‘shut down’ your mind and close your eyes, then you are already in a light trance–simply by taking those simple steps.

My advice is to find a file that you enjoy listening to, and while listening, try to ‘quiet’ your mind.  As you get better at doing so, you will soon develop the skill of going into trance.For example, do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?  The process of relaxing into sleep and going into trance are similar, so if you’ve developed techniques that help you fall asleep, try using a modified version of them to get into trance.  Another idea is to task your brain with something to keep it busy, so that it eventually becomes tired. For example, count backwards from 1000 by 3’s while listening to a file.  When you find yourself unable to continue counting, or losing your place, you have succeeded.  Or you may find that focusing your eyes on a spot on a wall or ceiling and trying to keep them open might work for you.

At some point in the future, I may record a file especially on this topic, for those of you new to erotic hypnosis.  In the mean time, keep trying–enjoy the files. Listen to my voice and enjoy the erotic suggestions–just enjoy them.  You may be succeeding and not even know it.


Invisible, Sexual, Rope

Hello, trance lovers,

Thank you for your enthusiastic emails of encouragement.  I’m so glad you are enjoying my new website.  And therefore…I am happy to reward my listeners with a new free file, “Bound in Circe’s Ropes.”  Come and enjoy a long, slow, relaxing induction.  And when you are deeply in trance,  I will invite you to experience the pleasures of sensual bondage as I tie you in my virtual ropes and coax you into an even deeper state of erotic hypnosis, and obedience.

What is it that makes bondage so hot?  For me, it’s the transition between being in control and accepting, with each new rope added or knot tied, the progressive state of yielding.  First you have full determination of your wrists and ankles, your arms.  You can move your fingers or legs as you wish…yet little by little you must give up the notion that you get to decide how you’ll turn your hand, or place your foot, and when.  Perhaps the deliciously sexual thrill is knowing that the person tying you in bondage is doing so in order to take charge.  Of you.  And once you are restricted, who knows what manner of salacious deeds might take place?  Why don’t you download the file and check it out?

~Circe                                                                                                                                                                     k6501871